Pennsic XXXVI


Siege engines shooting volley fire in the Great Wall Battle.


Missile weapons being gleaned from the causeway after the fort battle.


Master Quinn's ballista, Widow Maker.  It is a class A siege engine capable of shooting several bolts at the same time.


The Pentamere ballista corps in their natual habitat, the battlefield at Pennsic.


The caisson (artillery ammo wagon) built by Doc Mo.


The Pentamere ballista corps in the great wall battle.  The two brown engines are my engines, the Ironwolf engines.  The four red engines are the Shadowclan engines.  They have six red ballistae, but only 5 were assembled this year.  Of those, no more than 4 fought in any one battle due to a shortage of siege engineers.


Bone Grinder Bill and Thorvald operating one of the Shadowclan arbalests.


Jean Paul's ballista called Dragon Master (I believe) being operated by Jocko from Shadowclans



One of my ballistas, The Cormac, which was built by Doc Mo.


The Varg ballista after it was pulled back from the front lines.  You can see how closely spaced the trees are in this zone. The Varg still managed to get 17 kills because the ballista stock was turret mounted and easy to aim between the trees.  They blasted the East Kingdom banner guard that was guarding a banner 20 yards in front of the ballista.  Midrealm troops protected the siege engine while it was firing.


More Pennsic XXXVI pictures can be found at my website.