The ballista "Raven" had a tennis ball taped to it's beak because the beak violated the "half inch" rule.  It could penetrate a face grill more than a half inch.


The ballistae brought by Baron Jonathas, Atlantian Siege DEM.  In the fort battle, he didn't shoot his own ballistae, but commanded them instead.  They were used very effectively.


The trebuchet, Bog Infernal Machine from Aethelmarc, being cocked. 


The Bog Infernal Machine having just been fired.


The Varg ballista, Thor.


I liked the balance on this ballista.  It's easier to move than mine.


Finnian and Hakon on the Ironwolf ballista, Cormac.


Torvald Weretiger on one of the Shadowclan ballista.


Jean Paul and another Dark Horde with JP's ballista, Dragonmaster.


Jean Paul's ammo wagon.


Baron Thorkell of Red Spears (Thumper) on a Shadowclan ballista.


Duke Moonwolf on the Jafar.


Doc Mo's powered up ballista which he brought for the history channel shoot that was canceled.  It was the only one which failed inspection because it fired a bolt 150 yards; well beyond the 80 yard limit.  Notice the recurve on the bow; this gives it extra power.  It also has a ratchet, geared windlass, and an elevation crank.


Real ballista bolts that Doc Mo fired through a steel plate.


Real ballista bolts that were shot through a shield.


Doc Mo demonstrating that ballista bolts can kill through shields.